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Workshop descriptions


Groundwork - 10:00-12:00h

The very first steps we learn in ATS® are the fundamental roots of our whole dance but they are definitely not the easiest to master and perfect. This picky technique workshop re-visits our core steps in detail to ensure we have covered the groundwork and laid strong foundations with great technique. Perfect for the advanced dancer wanting to hone their skills and correct bad habits or as an introduction to Tribal for beginners.

 Experience Level: Open

Smooth Operator - 12:30-14:30h

Delivering perfect cues and transitions is the art of a great leader. Thinking ahead and giving as much warning as possible that something is about to change will set the whole group up for success and your follow dancers will thank you for it.

The ATS® language is intuitive relying on non-verbal communication to clearly transmit intention so we’ll have plenty of practice drills in groups with emphasis on cuing and smooth transitions using formations and the fast vocabulary of steps to make sure your message is received loud and crystal clear. We’ll explore how we get from A to B and how to iron out those clunky changes when things just don’t feel right.

Experience Level: Intermediate

Friday Challengers Workshop - 15:00-17:00h

Teachers: Kelley Beeston, Anna Nordling, Yuri Ferretti

Description coming soon…


Zils, Thrills & Drills - 10:00-11:00h

“If you’re not using zils then you’re not dancing ATS®” - Carolena Nericcio

Finger cymbals or Zils really are ‘instrumental’ to ATS® adding an aural dimension for the audience to enjoy. Starting with the basic patterns used in fast dancing, techniques to help dexterity and drills to co-ordinate hands and feet we’ll move on to zilling with slow dancing too. Exploring different rhythms, we’ll have a jamming session, making music, dancing and getting really creative

* Please bring your zils!

 Experience Level: Open

Collective Thought Bubble - 11:30-13:30h

We know that ATS® is a group dance and we are each a part of the integrated whole but do we pay attention and connect with each other.

In this workshop we’ll explore ways of developing our 6th sense, the flock of birds and spatial awareness, to help us synchronise and tune in so that we dance as one, work as a tribe and stay centred.

 Experience Level: Intermediate and up

Turban and Tassels - 14:00-16:00h

Take a trip back in time and tune in to classic ATS®. In recent years there has been a steady influx of new moves, combinations and formations known as dialect with many of the classic ATS® steps being forgotten or seldom used. But to truly dance in flow with any other ATS® dancer in the world we all need to be on the same page. Using the classic ATS® steps we’ll dissect a couple of tracks, work on musicality and phrasing to create a dynamic ‘old school’ performance

Experience Level: Intermediate