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Terms and Conditions


·      Registration opens on announced date and will proceed till the event will be sold out.

·      Registration will be valid only after payment is received. For more information about payment please read the section ‘Payment’.

Once the registration has been validated, it is binding for the participant. For payment by instalments, the amount is due in full by announced due dates.

·      Event places will be sold in two categories: early-bird rate and full-price rate. Early-bird rate is only available to the first ten people who register.


·      Early-bird places are sold for 220€ due in full ten days after registration. After this date, the place will be given to someone else.

·      Full-price places are sold for 250€ and payable in three instalments: the first instalment (100€) is due ten days after registration; the second instalment (75€) is due by 1st April 2019; the third instalment (75€) is due by 30th June 2019.

·      Payment can be sent via PayPal (Friends and Family) to or via bank transfer to the following bank account covering all fees (covering all fees in both cases). Please remember that bank transfer may take several days to get to the recipient:

 Name: Yuri Ferretti

Bank institution: Berliner Sparkasse

IBAN: DE15 1005 0000 1063 3621 87



·      For both PayPal and bank payment, please insert the following description of payment:

Name and Surname, first/second/third instalment

 ·      Payment counts as official registration. If payment is not received by due dates, the place for the event will be sold to others.


Refund and cancellation

·      All registrations are binding and non-refundable.

·      If for any reason you are unable to attend the event, please advise the organisers who will offer it to the first person on the waiting list. Agreements made privately between you and a third party are not valid and, therefore, will not allow access to the event for the third party. In this case, too, no refund can be expected.

·      Registration fee will be refunded only in the case of event cancellation from the event organisers.

Conditions for attending the event

·      Each participant is responsible for their own personal effects. The event organisers do not take any liability for lost or stolen items (including cell phones, wallets, money and so on).

·      Damages to objects of the studio or to the studio itself are responsibility of whomever caused them.

·      The participant hereby states that they are healthy and fit for physical activities.

·      The participant is responsible for their own physical health and absolves the event organisers and teacher from any responsibility.


Privacy policy

·      All personal information needed for registration are only processed by the organisers for the aims of the event. They will not be shared nor published.