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ATS® Berlin Challenge


Yuri Ferretti, Anna Nordling and Kelley Beeston are really excited to present the very first ATS® Friday Challenge event - The ATS® Berlin Challenge, 27 - 29 September 2018. A whole weekend of workshops especially for our ATS® Friday Challenge group members and their friends, co-dancers, troupe mates, teachers and students. Kelley will breakdown even the most difficult steps and concepts into easy to understand bitesize pieces whilst giving real picky technique designed to improve your practice, technique and performance skills. We also have a collaborative workshop with all 3 Friday Challengers - Anna, Kelley & Yuri.

Plus………. Kelley is absolutely thrilled to be giving her very first challenge. So just to explain - every week in our Facebook group Yuri and Anna take it in turns to set the following week’s challenge but this time it’s going to be Kelley’s turn. What will it be? You’ll have to wait and see!!!! All we will tell you right now is that you will get a little bit of information two weeks before the event and then the full information one week before - just like in the Facebook ATS® Friday Challenge group. It’s going to be such fun.

Dancers should know the basic fundamental steps Taxeem, Bodywave, Floreo, Arm Undulations, Shimmy, Arabic Basic, Egyptian Basic, Pivot Bumps and formations but a working knowledge of the Level 2 variations would be helpful eg Reverse, Propellor and Corkscrew Turns, Ribcage and Torso Rotations, Circle Step, Reach & Sit, Arabic 1-2-3, Turkish Shimmy, Arabic Hip Twist and fades.

Registration opens 1st February 2019!

More information will follow on this website and on the dedicated Facebook event

You can join the ATS® Friday Challenge here.